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The name Caleres comes from the Latin word calēre

– meaning to glow with passion or intensity. The *5* that is part of our logo is taken from a stamp that was on the bottom of all our shoes in the late 1800s that represented the company’s promise of comfort and fit. The company paid $5 to the wearer if the stamp wore out. With persistent determination, we have preserved the founding spirit that launched our company in 1878: a ferocity for crafting the perfect fit.


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Our Brands

Caleres is the home of today’s most coveted footwear brands around the world and represents a diverse portfolio spanning all lifestyles and experiences. Every shoe tells a story and Caleres has the perfect fit for every one of them. Caleres’ brands live in all channels of today’s global marketplace, including our 1,200+ branded retail locations as well as department and specialty stores, branded e-commerce sites, and many third-party retail sites. Our brand collections have been developed and acquired to meet the evolving needs of today’s assorted and growing audiences.




Caleres 140-year legacy of craftsmanship provides our foundation. But our next chapters are being written through investments in technology, trend research, manufacturing, sustainability, sourcing, and the brilliant people who will lead us into the future – helping Caleres deliver the strongest, most desired brand portfolio in the market.


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Our ESG Commitments

At Caleres, we care passionately about helping people feel great, feet first. This passion gave rise to a portfolio of ambitious environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals that we are working to achieve by 2025. Learn more about our goals and our strategic ESG framework in our new report, Caleres Cares…Feet First. 

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