Our Brands

Every shoe tells a story and Caleres has the perfect fit for every one of them.
Our brand collections have been developed and acquired to meet the evolving needs of today’s assorted and growing audiences. Consumer insights drive every aspect of the innovation and design that go into our products, and our legacy of craftsmanship serves as our foundation for quality.
We meet consumers where they want to shop, whether in-store or online. Our brands live in our branded e-commerce sites, department stores, and 1,000-plus retail stores, including our more than 900 Famous Footwear stores. Our brands continue to innovate and inspire as they migrate to environmentally preferred materials and respond to social needs, all while remaining true to their unique identities and customers.

Our Caleres Brand Family

Caleres 5 logo imprinted in leather

Learn more about the ESG commitments of our brands here.

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